We come into this world with a purpose and a mission to fulfil our soul destiny and to understand the meaning of life. It is this very statement that opens our hearts and minds to find a deeper connection to our true essence and in turn our thirst for life. It is our innate soul to strive, aspire and inspire others to be something more than JUST a person but to be someone who can look in the mirror and see a Pure Reflection. Everyone has so many unanswered questions about life and our spiritual connection. The following are just a small range of questions I am asked frequently:- What is the meaning of life? What’s my life purpose? Why does money affect us and why do we let it? Why do our emotions control who we are? Why is there so much drama in life? Why do people think they deserve, instead of earn respect? Why is there so much fear in the world? Why don’t people feel they don’t have to be responsible for their actions? What’s the law of attraction? What is karma? How do I manifest? Are miracles real? What does the future hold for our children? Why do people die? What happens when they die? Is there a Heaven? Is hell real? Why do people die horrible deaths and what about suicide and murder? How can I protect myself from others? What’s mind mapping? What is an earthbound spirit, lost soul and entities? What is smudging? How do you connect to the Other Side? How do you know they are around you? How do you cleanse and clear your home? What’s a crystal grid pattern? What’s a psychic medium? What are the messages and signs? What’s a life review? Do we really reincarnate? How does spirituality connect with the scientific brain? Do our dreams mean anything? Do affirmations really work? Does meditation work?What are chakras? What is an aura? What are the levels of the auric field? What is the significance of colours? How can we heal the body? What is a soul? What about past lives? What are the Akashic Records? What about faith and religion? Are angels, spirit guides, guardian angels and fairies real? Who are the Archangels? Who are the Ascended Masters? Is there really a God? Yes I know lots of questions! But all those questions haven’t even touched the surface of the Life Wisdom 101 Workshops where I answer all of these questions and many, many more. Once we begin to think outside the box it creates a thirst for knowledge as we want to know more and more.


Life Wisdom 101 will give you knowledge on all aspects of spirituality & beyond to understand, not just about where you have been and where you are now, but where you are heading in the future. The Life Wisdom 101 Workshops will take you right to the heart of spirituality and life and will inspire you and expand your awareness on your own journey of life. Once you have gained the knowledge and wisdom you will soon see that You Don’t Choose a Life – You Live One! As you start the first page in your own book of life, you will learn about your life and discover your Divine true essence empowering you to master yourself to be the best person you can be. Knowledge is power, and when you have the power, who knows where you can go from here. So, it’s time to take your power back! I have personally designed these online workshops to allow you to understand life through the wisdom of Spirituality & Beyond. By understanding Life Wisdom and incorporating it into our daily lives we find an appreciation for life, ourselves and the people around us. Through each of these Life Wisdom 101 workshops Julie will provide you with:-

  • Personalised video tutorial
  • E- Booklet / PDF – Filled with personal tips and techniques

Julie will explain through a video tutorial the deep connection of life through past, present, future, mind, body & soul. These self-paced online workshops allow you the creativity to watch or listen and absorb the information from the comfort of your home, office or even in the car.  When you purchase a workshop you will also receive easy reading PDF file that you will be able to download and keep as a reference guide to what you have learned with the workshops. This E-Booklet also contains tips and techniques to understanding life. I will be putting up new workshops regularly with new insights into life, so make sure you register your email to get up to date info of when these workshops are being released. I am so proud to present these workshops to you and hope that you too enjoy the wisdom of life! Once you gain the power of knowledge and wisdom you soon see that, You don’t choose a Life … You live one!